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Similar techniques have recently successfully been applied to ancient carbonized papyri from Herculaneum in the bay of Naples.However, in these cases the different material of the scrolls as well as the use of a different writing technique (ink and not incision) results in a different problem and asks for other solutions and can therefore not be compared directly to the current case.Throughout Antiquity magical amulets written on papyri, lead and silver were used for apotropaic reasons.

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Therefore it was submitted to a high resolution CT scan (Phoenix GE v|tome|x M equipped with a 300 k V microfocus X-ray tube and a 2k imaging detector).

The methodology furthermore promises to unleash further cultural understanding, telling us about the continuity and change in the use of magical texts as protective measures, which was a phenomenon spanning from classical Greek Antiquity to the early Islamic period and to modern times across a large geographical area interconnected through historical developments, including conquests, changes in rule and trade relations.

The methodology might furthermore be applied to other groups of complexly deformed objects such as metal vessels with decoration.

The tablets were not intended for being unrolled and read again, but fulfilled their (magical) function once encased in the container.

Such objects could for example be deposited in houses or carried on the body for protection.

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