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Along with providing advice on style, cooking, homemaking, and child-rearing, Chatelaine published editorials from some of the most influential female thinkers of the time.

In 19, article topics included panic over the rising divorce rate, "Wages and Wives" (April 1929), and the high maternal mortality rate in rural Canada (July 1928).

The economic hardships of the Great Depression changed the tone of Chatelaine.

During the 1930s, the magazine became less political.

“The safety of students and staff always comes first, and this disturbing incident was immediately reported and is being investigated,” said Department of Education spokeswoman Toya Holness.

Chatelaine is an English-language Canadian magazine of women's lifestyles and the number one magazine in Canada in paid circulation.

There was a rise in male-authored articles, including "Men Don't Want Clever Wives," and "What Did Your Husband Give Up For Marriage? In order to maintain Chatelaines selling feature as a Canadian woman's magazine that reflected the ideas of women across the country, the magazine encouraged participation from their readers, offering a prize of to the best letter written in response to one of their articles.

From 1957 to 1977, Chatelaines editor was Doris Anderson, under whose tenure the magazine was a leader in Canadian coverage of women's issues, including the rise of feminism as a social phenomenon.

Other recent editors include Mildred Istona and Rona Maynard. The magazine celebrated its 85th anniversary in May 2013. It was created by the Maclean Hunter Publishing Company as a means to reach a different demographic than its other publications, Maclean's and the Financial Post.

“He voluntarily surrendered himself to the precinct.” Chatelaine, a Haitian immigrant, used an interpreter during his arraignment in Queens Criminal Court.

He has been living in Queens for the past year and a half and attended school full time.

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