Dating a widowed man with children

It is crucial if this relationship is to survive, to have time alone without the kids.

*** From Sun My W (now husband) had four children when we married—all under the age of 12. We took them all with us on the second date (he had something already planned with the kids.) Later he called and asked if my girls and I would to go with them—after consulting his kids, of course.

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What works for one family/child may not work for yours.

You’re an adult and it’s your household as much as it is anyone else’s, and everyone needs to treat each other with mutual respect.

You’re an adult on their side who is not their parent. Make few rules, and try to keep them neutral – things you need for your home, not ways the kid needs to be.

Parent or step-parent, in-law or feelings, these kids aren’t just ‘til they’re 18.

They’ll have kids, they’ll call freaking out in their 20s, they will count on your home as the backup when things go wrong for most of their lives if you form a good relationship.

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