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Free men fight and die for their honor, for their liberty and for their posterity.

It is a form of rule based on a set of ideals, rather than a practical arrangement among men. A dictatorial committee is just the best way to establish order in the moment.

Until the fifth century BC, Rome was ruled by a series of kings.

According to Livy, The son of Tarquinius Superbus raped a noblewoman named Lucretia, who was a relation to Brutus.

On the other other hand, Trump is the guy tasked by history to impose order on a chaotic American political world.

Our first Brutus is remember as an example of that republican virtue, not because he established it, but because he sacrificed for it. During his consulship the royal family tried to subvert the republic in order to regain the throne. Among the conspirators were two of Brutus’ sons, who were sentenced to death.After she told them what had happened and how she had been dishonored, she committed suicide by stabbing herself with a dagger.Brutus pulled the dagger from her chest, held it up and immediately shouted for the overthrow of the Tarquins. Hidden in that story, which is most likely apocryphal, is the logic of republican virtue and republican morality.Brutus gained great respect among his peers for stoically watching as the sentence was carried out.We are a long way from those times, but we have similar challenges.

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