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A woman will usually subconsciously conform her behaviors and expectations to fit the EFA of the man she’s interacting with. A person you’re having sex with at least semi-regularly who is just a friend. Spending time with an FB in non-sexual situations is minimal (otherwise, she becomes an gender is attracted to.

You think the other gender wants exactly what you want, which they don’t.

Cheating is sometimes viewed as “easier” than establishing honest open relationships.

(In some extreme cases of irrationality, cheating is considered “more respectful” than having an open relationship.) Cheating almost always leads to being much better options.

Guy-Disney – The incorrect thought men have that somewhere out there is a girl who will love you forever, never , which is feminine and takes many forms, guy-drama takes the form of a lecture issued in order to correct behavior.

“Setting her straight”, “straightening her out”, “laying down the law”, commands to “respect” him, or issuing “rules” are all forms of guy-drama.

(82% of all divorces are initiated by the female, and this is the primary reason.) Betaization – The slow process by which a woman transforms a man she’s in a relationship with from an , usually by means of drama, demands, rules, sex (giving or withholding), or threats.

Betaization is a completely natural part of a woman’s biological makeup and is usually not done from a place of malice (though there are exceptions to this).

Alpha Male 2.0 – An extremely confident, non-needy, man who can quickly and easily get sex and love from women whenever he wants without having to promise anything to anyone.

A strong, bossy woman with an inflexible list of standards and rules the man in her life must adhere to, or else she gets offended or upset.

Represents most women in the modern era, approximately 65%. They aren’t, because they’re dependent on bossing a man around.) Drama – Any harsh negative actions directed from a woman to man where the man is the target of said negativity. The strongly conveyed but unspoken overall message to a woman non-verbally conveying who you are and why you’re there.

A successful to someone then getting sexual with someone else without the first person’s permission.

Though society hates to admit it, cheating is a cultural norm and is widely practiced.

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