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In the case of YG Entertainment, there has been a widely known dating ban imposed on 2NE1 and the members of Big Bang have not publicly acknowledged relationships.

This old-school separation of public and private life appears to be working well for YG Entertainment, while acknowledging relationships may be negatively impacting SM Entertainment.

With every relationship SM confirms, the reaction from fans tends to become a bit harsher.

The breakup of Girls’ Generation as a nine member group was almost apparent after the realization that five of the members were dating.

I've been waiting so long for this GD original smile, it reminds me when he was just debuted! ” While the situation may bear some similarities to the scandal involving EXO's Baekhyun and Girls' Generation Taeyeon in terms of fan exposure, the major difference is that it is not an idol to idol relationship.

Aside from the photos and relationship timeline presented by Dispatch, the most newsworthy aspect of this story is the statement provided by YG Entertainment.

However, this also seems to be a common habit for anyone. P's picture of an elephant was highly detailed, from the shape of his eyes, the number of the eyelashes, and the fact that the number of top and bottom teeth were the same.

The expert then moved on to photos featuring the drawings by idols. The expert judged, " This 'expert' sounds like a hater, thats not an analysis on their psychological state, sounds more like one persons opinion as to why they have these habits and blaming it all on the stress of the spotlight ; G-Dragon has a habit of pursing his lips ..what ?

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Last week on Y-STAR's 'Goong Geum Ta' ('Curious'), an expert had looked at Suzy's drawings. As fans may know, Yoon A has a habit of biting on her fingers.As opposed to an earth shattering declaration that confirmed the relationship, YG Entertainment’s response to the the claims from Dispatch was “ We tend to respect the personal lives of our artists so we don’t have anything to tell you at the moment.” Clearly, the agency is stating you will know more when it is your business to know more.In recent years, YG Entertainment has become increasingly guarded about the private lives of its artists. P and Ah So Hee were fake, the latest photos of G-Dragon with Kiko Mizuhara are real.One of the top comments on the Big Bang forum, Big Bang Updates, was a positive one from user Kyaah! This user stated,”If you look closely at the reflection of the window he is very happy!

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