Is jeremy sumpter and rachel hurd wood dating

His turn in TV series Clubhouse was, however, short-lived after CBS cancelled it after just five episodes.He also starred on Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life, The Sasquatch Gang, CSI: Miami, Calvin Marshall, You're So Cupid, Soul Surfer and Death and Cremation.I love talking about anything Peter Pan related, so come talk to me! “I was an experienced kisser, so I was going like (pouting lips), yeah!“I was very nervous about kissing Jeremy,” said the 13-year-old Hurd-Wood, who resides in Surrey, just outside of London, England. ,” laughed the California native, adding: “Sometimes I would close my mouth and go (tight-lipped), just so I can get another kiss from Rachel. Said Hurd-Wood: “I was asleep actually when they (the studios) called. The 2003 remake of Peter Pan saw Jeremy Sumpter, aged 13, donning his infamous leafy assemble in order to run around with Tinks, stay young forever and get pretty annoyed at Captain Hook (oh and the flying thing, he liked to fly).

Indeed, Jeremy Sumpter, who played Peter Pan in the movie adaptation of J. Barrie's play, certainly embraced adulthood - and judging by new images of the actor, now 26, women worldwide will no doubt be happy about it.

To limber up for the role, the young Jeremy practised sword fighting for up to five hours a day, as well as training in gymnastics and lifting weights.

He was certainly a growing boy- during filming the window of the nursery had to be rebuilt twice because Jeremy had grown from 5 feet tall to 5’8 during.

To prepare, he says he practiced sword fighting as much as five hours a day, as well as training in gymnastics and lifting weights.

He was working with actress Rachel Hurd-Wood and built a strong relationship with her .

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