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--- BEYONCE'S - COUNTRY MUSIC It's not unusual to hear a song about guns and the Second Amendment and the Bible on country radio.

It is unusual to hear Beyonce singing about that on country radio.

AUCTION - RAMONES - TUPAC SHAKUR Johnny Ramone's widow has bought back a guitar he traded to a friend more than three decades ago.

R-R Auction in Boston says the Hamer guitar that was designed specifically for Ramone's playing style was sold to his widow, Linda, for more than 55-thousand dollars last week.

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She plans to have it added to the Ramones exhibit at the Grammy Museum.

--- BALLET - BOWIE - METALLICA The Music Hall in Detroit has commissioned a ballet that will feature the music of David Bowie and Metallica.It says ``he's endured a lot of difficult times, and has been fighting hard.'' The band says in the note that it plans to tour this summer, because it ``feels like the right thing to do now, for Gord, and for all of us.'' The message says dates and details for the tour will be coming this week.The Tragically Hip formed in 1984 and has garnered more than a dozen Juno awards in Canada.In Hank Azaria's case, it was a commencement performance.The actor and voice star trotted out several of his well-known characters in addressing graduates of Tufts University.

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