Shao lin mu ren xiang online dating

He can easily learn the opponent’s moves and find his weak point.

Because of that, he is known as one of the strongest martial artists in history.

He develops a crush on the principal's daughter, Diao Chan, already on his first day at school.

However, when she begins seeing Lu Bu, his feelings become conflicted.

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He blames himself for hurting his friends, even though he knows that he was not himself.Sun Shang Xiang later tricks Dong Zhuo to give her instructions to cure Guan Yu by using nightmarish toxin.Dong Zhuo instructs her the skill of Hao Cha Jing would heal his condition.Nicknames: Ah Chang (阿長) by Diao Chan while they are a couple.Specialty: Guan Yu’s weapon is “Qing Long Yan Yue Dao” (青龍偃月刀 / Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade).

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