Stop dating the church sermon

In my case, they old friends, as I've known both for years.

As Joshua shared photos of his kids, Carolyn offered us some water.

It was a beautiful fall day, and the two of us — Motte and I (Ted) — were driving on I-270 away from Washington, D. Our destination: Covenant Life Church, where we'd be spending some time with Christian authors Joshua Harris and Carolyn Mc Culley.

It was our last interview of the weekend, a time spent talking with such mentors as Michael Lawrence, Scott Croft, Charlie Jarvis, Danielle Crittenden and Leon R. We arrived a bit ahead of schedule and had a chance to set up our equipment in their parent ministry's music studio.

And so I'm basically, in the book, just calling them to see that there's something better than church "dating." It's not just because I'm a pastor that I'm saying that, or because I think of the poor church that you're not paying attention to.

Actually, God has something really good for us that we miss out on when we live a life of church dating.

Boundless: Would you say that men struggle with committing to church more than women?

And to live your life with the risk and the reward of the Gospel in mind and a strong call to that -- I think young men respond to that.You need to be the ones leading the way in service in the local church.If the church is a place where that's not really expected or called for, I think it is easy for men to find that sense of purpose and leadership outside of the church.The ladies step in to fill that void and it becomes even less appealing for men.I think all of us have either visited or seen churches where the women were really the ones taking the lead spiritually.

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