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A treasure trove of splendours and an endless source of discovery and sensual delight.

Then, in 2001, came Coco Mademoiselle, a breath of air that lightens this cornucopia of fragrance, in which everything is simplified and accelerated in a radiant burst of fruit and flower.

Coco Noir was created by Jacques Polge and Christopher Sheldrake. I don't think this is a sexy perfume, and it is not really office appropriate.

I've had a decant forever and just sprayed it and WOW!!!! For me it's like "Mother" of Coco Mademoiselle (which sits right next to Noir on my perfume-shelf), as some notes are the same. is way lighter and 'easier' & I can wear it day-night / summer-winter; NOIR is more 'serious', deeper and heavier. I decided to give this one a try instead of sticking to my tried and tested workhorses.I really thought for a while to buy one for myself but I think I prefer Coco over this which is more old school and classic. I have already reviewed this fragrance but I have to add something. Y vanilla or tonka that might be in this fragrance, is not not noticeable to me. My skin brings out first the spicy side of this fragrance, especially cloves and then garanium and narcissus.If anyone has the chance to smell the body lotion, please do - the lotion, not the cream. I have been known in the past to change my opinion on these grand-dames of fragrance, but I have given CN several chances and have come to the same conclusion each time. Strangely the fresh citrus top notes come after a couple of hours and quite intensively.It’s not noir in the modern sense of perfume advertising, it’s French noir.It brings to mind a night stroll by the Seine, in November, a quiet chilly late Fall weekday. To the last two reviewers who have longevity issues: in my opinion Coco Noir smells extremely similar to Chance by Chanel but Chance lasts longer.

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