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Others have been converted into sports halls, administrative buildings, factories, and schools, among other private and commercial uses.

In most cases, treatment of these sites is a local issue and therefore at the whim of local authorities to adjudicate.“In some cases it’s apathy, in some cases it’s worse than that, and in some cases it’s better,” said Yaakov Dov Bleich, Ukraine’s chief rabbi.

For instance, the tomb of Rabbi Nachman, the founder of Breslov Hassidim, inspires an annual pilgrimage to his burial site in Uman in central Ukraine.

Segal and other sages buried in Lviv face a less notable fate.

Today, the municipality maintains a stony silence on the Jewish cause.

Earlier this year, a Lviv official told Ukrainian news outlet Kiev Vlast that “today nobody in the mayor’s office discusses this issue or raises this question officially.”The inertia from city hall on the cemetery restoration has withstood local, national and international attempts to move the market.

“You have to understand there’s no national policy being implemented.”In Lviv, Meylakh Sheyhket, a Jewish activist who heads the American-Ukrainian Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law, has been fighting since 1989 for a restoration of the cemetery and the protection of other Jewish sites.

Tombstones were later found in a pile of rubble intended to be repurposed as building material.“When we found them, we started to take them back to the location of the Jewish cemetery,” Nazar said.Many tombstones belonging to Lviv’s Jews became part of the foundation of the market, and some can be seen today girding the hills on which it stands.Alex Nazar is the president of a Jewish society in Lviv that operates out of one of the city’s two remaining historic synagogues.But Sheykhet, a long-time resident of Lviv, questions Sadovyi’s sincerity.“I was shocked that the mayor of the city came to speak to the Jewish people who he himself desecrates, the Lviv Jewish citizens who perished just for being born Jewish,” he said.“And he doesn’t do anything to preserve their memory.”The extent of city hall’s recent efforts toward preservation was a 2011 competition to design memorial structures for the city’s Jewish sites – a project Sheykhet opposed in a successful lawsuit, on the grounds that it would further degrade the sites.

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