White campbell ducks for sale essex

It's not a good egg layer so it is kept for ornament and for exhibition which doesn't make it a back yard bird or smallholding choice.

Interestingly the first eggs that it does lay can be covered in a sooty black deposit but as time goes on they will be a uniform dull white.

They are very sweet, they get along very well with me and my daughter and the other ducks they are housed with.It needs access to water to keep its plumage perfect and if you want to breed, keep as a trio or pair.It is a bantam classification and comes in only the one spectacular colour.They are extremely friendly I've never had any experience with aggression we pet ours all the time I have two small children that they follow around .Ours free range on our property with are two German Shepherd's for protection and as soon as they see us coming they either fly over to us or start quacking .

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