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From @Shania Twain: pm ET: 12/3/14 Shania Twain Centre In Timmins Is Demolished.

From @Robin_Leach: pm ET: Final Shania Twain show underway at Caesars Palace ending 2yr run.

Even though it is always there it is not a must that everyone must experience it.

Maybe, she was unlucky to have met those randy producers and directors but there are decent people also.(Laughing) I really don’t know but judging from some of the roles I have played it could be as a result of my endowment.

As reported last week, Shania's "Still The One" Las Vegas show was scheduled to be released on DVD/Blu-ray February 9 in the UK.

To me, the way I am now is the way God wants me to be.

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From @Shania Twain: am ET: - PIC 12/17/14 "Still The One" Tenth Leg Total Ticket Sales & Attendance.- PIC 12/21/14 "Shania: Still The One" DVD - UK & U.That date has now been pushed back to March 2 according to Amazon UK.From @Shania Twain: pm ET: - PIC 12/13/14 Shania Performs Final Las Vegas Show Tonight!Shania's two-year residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace resumes tonight in Las Vegas!

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